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Smith Road 
Available at Chatfield:
4-One bays (Units 18,20,22 & 24)
1-Four bay opening in Feburary
Outside Parking Spots:
36' X 11'- 4 Open spots
Containers- 3 open (C2, C4 and C12)
Call for availability.

C470 and Santa Fe Area
9635 S. Santa Fe Dr., Littleton, 80125
Just South of Titan Rd. on S. Santa Fe Dr.
I-70 and I-225 Area
Chatfield Mini Shops
9635 S. Santa Fe Dr.
Littleton, CO 80125
(Located just south of S. Titian Rd. on S. Santa Fe Dr.)


One Bays $400 per month  
Two bays $690 to $835 per month
​8' x40' Storage Containers $265 per month
Parking spaces $45 to $75 per month