Perfect heated small shop space.  Secure location with on site manager,  security gate and security cameras.
The Units are accessible 24 hours a day by coded gate entry. 
All Leases are month to month. 

I Bay Unit 12' x 24'* with  7'x 8' Doors $380/month 
2 Bay Units 24' x 24' * with 7'x8' Doors $670/month 
2 Bay Units 24' x 24' * with 9'x 9' Doors $760/month 

*unit sizes vary and dimensions are approximate and rates are subject to change

Call us: 
Margie 303-304-2706
Leslie 303 475-4976
 40' x 8' x 8'
$250 a month

•Ceiling Hgt.: 12’-10'     •Heat: Warehouses     •Free Trash Pick-up     •Unit Rent: $380-$760/Month

  •Container Rent: $250/Month     •Power: 110 and 220, some
    Units have 3 phase power      •Utilities: All paid by owner,  except electricity and gas.